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DEVANGELIC are back with their 3rd full-length titled “ERSETU”.

Named after the Akkadian term for “Mesopotamian Underworld / Realm of the Dead,” Ersetu is a concept album based on the Annunaki’s myth “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came.” The myth explores the theory of creation through the alien DNA, human slavery and the legend of the great serpent (the Knower) as the emblem of Enki and of two of his sons, Ningishzidda and Marduk. // PRESS RELEASE Clawhammer PR

The band worked hard during the past 2 years to create their best songs and the new effort is certainly their most brutal and mature material to date. Concept, music and lyrics represent a new chapter of the band’s career and on what Devangelic will move on with the future releases.

2020 – Ersetu
(Willowtip Records)


01. Swarm Of Serpents
02. Upon The Wrath Of Divinities
03. Eyes Of Abzu
04. Subterranean Revelations
05. Embalmed In Visceral Fluids
06. Throne Of Larvae
07. Vomiting The Infected
08. Sigils Of Fallen Abominations
09. Cryptic Resurrection

Artwork by Nick Keller
Drums recorded at Ex-Oblivion Studio (Oristano / Italy) with Fabrizio “Xul” Sanna
Produced & Mixed at 16th Cellar Studio (Rome / Italy) by Stefano “Saul” Morabito
Mastered at Hertz Recording Studio (Poland)
Devangelic logo by Jon Zig

Listen to “Sigils Of Fallen Abominations”

Listen to “Eyes Of Abzu”



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