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DEVANGELIC are back with their 4th full-length titled “XUL”.

“Xul” is originally a Sumerian word used to denote the “Evil” and this is the main topic of the new album’s concept. Basically an introspective journey in which the human being, since his appearance on Earth, is forced to face his own inner demons; evil seen as a representation of the “darkness” and the duality of man, who tries to exorcise his own negative emotions. But, as history teaches us, the negative almost always prevails in a battle against human weakness.

The new full-length offers the band’s best material to date and reveals Devangelic performing death metal in its purest form, albeit, one with a different musical approach. The songwriting is mature and catchy without losing focus on the band’s primary aim: annihilating the listener!

2023 – Xul
(Willowtip Records)

1. Scribes Of Xul
2. Which Shall Be The Darkness Of The Heretic
3. Udug-Hul Incantation
4. Famine Of Nineveh
5. Sirius, Draconis, Capricornus
6. Worship Of The Black Flames
7. Ignominious Flesh Degradation
8. Hymn Of Savage Cannibalism
9. Shadows Of The Iniquitous
10.Sa Belet Ersetim Ki’Am Parsusa

Artwork by Nick Keller
Drums and Vocals recorded at Mk2 Recording Studio (Ivrea, Italy)
Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered at 16th Cellar Studios (Rome, Italy)
Classical guitars on “Hymn Of Savage Cannibalism” and “Worship Of The Black Flames” wrote and performed by Massimiliano Cirelli
Backing vocals on “Udug-Hul Incantation” by Davide Billia

Xul in full streaming
Watch “Udug-Hul Incantation” Official Video
Listen to “Sirius, Draconis, Capricornus”



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